For nearly twenty years C.I.L. Engineering Co., Ltd. has been importing products
 for industrial companies, security institutions, government offices, construction companies,
authorities wholesalers, marketing firms and “do-it-yourself” chains.

C.I.L. Engineering employs a highly-skilled team of employees -- the best experts in the field.
The import staff keeps abreast of the latest innovations in our field and enables us
to import products that represent the last word in engineering supply.

C.I.L. Engineering offers a professional service and supply network for its products
This, and the confidence and loyalty of our many satisfied customers have enabled
 us to increase our activity significantly and steadily.

Today, we import and distribute a wide range of equipment at highly competitive prices.
Our inventory contains more than 3,500 products.
Our product line meets the most rigorous international standards and every item has been field tested.
We use our extensive experience in order to meet the exact requirements
of our customers and supply them with the most suitable products.

We place a strong emphasis on guiding our customers in the use and maintenance
 of our products in order to enable them to enjoy
the highest and most enduring performance for long term usage.
C.I.L. Engineering is at your disposal and ready to meet your needs.
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